By definition a corset is made to shape and define the waist line and sometimes to support or enhance the bust. Corsets have only changed slightly throughout the centuries and clearly have continue to keep the women’s body to look more like an hour glass shape.

Corsets started out with metal or wood for the spinning and then changed to material such as whalebone. Today Corsets are made from more flexible material like plastic to make corsets more comfortable and lighter in weight.

Corsets were very prevalent from the 1300 till the 1920 when bras became more prevalent. Corsets seem to only have taken a small hiatus until the last 20 years they have come back in every day fashion. Some may say that corsets have made a big comeback thanks to some well known leading lingerie companies. Such companies are Victoria Secret, Fredricks of Hollywood and Trashy Diva.
Corsets today can also be seen in everyday fashion.


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